Friday, October 07, 2005


I think it was two weeks ago when I received an email regarding a survey questionnaire titled Edelman/Technorati Blog Study. I was thinking then that it was just an ordinary spam message. So I answered the survey only the next day. As much as I wanted to answer more and with details, I did not do so as I was thinking that personal informations would be leaked which would give me more spam emails. You know me an internet moron. So I answered the survey questionnaire without that much enthusiasm.

To my surprise, I received another email from Richard Edelman the President & CEO of Edelman thanking me for participating in that blog survey.

And it was only today that I found out that Edelman is one of the biggest PR firm in the world. For them to choose me as one of the respondents is really an honour. Imagine only 8 people were chosen to participate here in Singapore and only 3 were chosen from the Philippines.

So thank you too to Mr. Richard Edelman for lifting up my spirit. Yes, I really feel so happy. It means I still have a place in the blogosphere inspite of what I felt before.

And for those who have no idea why this study was conducted, here's the purpose of the study:

* to better understand bloggers' attitudes towards corporations and PR firms.

*help clients understand how and why they should engage the blogosphere.

Now I really believe that there is nothing wrong in blogging about firms and other products too. They are also part of our daily life. We may not be financilly rewarded but at least our entries would be appreciated.

So the next time you blog, why not write something about a product you like?

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