Thursday, October 06, 2005


I am very happy for when I visited Blogger to see if I can post an entry with no hassle, I found out that it returned back to normal. Yipee!! Now I can post entries with relevance and of course with nice published results.

Today, I am also happy for when my supervisor discussed with me my evaluation, it was all very good. One thing, I will go to course for upgrading. But I will be bonded for two years which will take effect after the completion of that two years course. Though I will be bonded, I am confident that there will be no problem as far as my visits to USA is concerned. I hope so.

What made me happy the past few days? A lot.

My student Abel suddenly exclaimed "Teacher, sunny day today!" That was on our way to Kid's Kampong in Pasir Ris. His voice was so loud that almost everybody inside the bus heard. It made me happy for that incident was a manifestation that my children really learn from me considering that Abel is more fluent in his Chinese dialect. I don't know if I look so shallow with this. But really it made my day!

I did shopping or I could say my family went shopping for clothes and toys to be sent to the kids in Virginia. The next day I was able to send the package and in 2 to 4 days they will receive all those items. I am happy and will always be happy to give things to my grandkids.(Those who don't really know me, I am a young grandma, not an old old lady! Am I vain? But really, I am just of same age as Madonna)

My husband and me talked and yes we really love each other. being married for so long, at times, I tend to create problems. But I know at times, a little misunderstanding can spice up our own lives.

And so, I would like to say again that I am back to normal. Happy and with positive outlook on life.

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