Wednesday, October 12, 2005


How I miss the girls now! I feel so lonely. After work, I came home with nobody in. My husband is on overtime same with my youngest daughter. My second is taking her degree at SIM and she'll be home around past 11:00 already. If only the girls are here with me. But this is life!!!

There are many ways to be happy, I know. This feeling is just temporary.

Well, I have to remember always what Phil Bosnans wrote about loneliness:

Here's an excerpt from his book, Give happiness A Chance:

"You can be alone without being lonely.

Loneliness is a moral disease which can't be cured by crowding people together. More than ever people are crammed on top of each other in high rises, in busy streets, trains, supermarkets, cinemas, bingo halls and vacation resorts. And it's precisely in these places that loneliness becomes sharper, still deeper.

This loneliness, which afflicts so many people today, grows from deep spiritual emptiness, from confusion and from insecurity.

These are things of the mind and it is here that people need to cure themselves. It depends on the mind and the heart, and on emotion and security, and by themselves, these are powerless unless they're sorrounded by real love. yet people seem unable to hold onto this love- they have sold their hearts to a pile of materialistic baubles. people are frightened of silence, of surrender to God, of prayer. They search in the darkness, in a stupor. They don't feel at home anywhere. People are standing outside in the cold. And they can't offer security and hospitality to anyone else either.

A return to God, as towards a father who has written your name in the palm of his hand, may work wonders."

Yes, i know this loneliness is just for a while. I always have to think that God is always with me and that my daughter and grandkids are okay.


Rebecca said...

Stopping by your blog for the first time and just wanted you to know that I think this entry is very powerful and straight from the heart. Well said!


kayli said...

thank you for your visit and comment.
God bless!