Sunday, October 09, 2005


Last night I read again the book Heaven In Ordinary by Angela Ashwin. It became my habit to read portions of that book every time I can as I consider it as a guide for me in this busy world.

So I would like to share this excerpt from the book:

Someone hurts us by being sharp and irritable. We snap back and then regret it. The whole incident leaves us dissatisfied and miserable. Yet there is something positive we can do. We can take as our "word friend" the tremendous assertion that both we and the person who hurt us are FORGIVEN. If we are honest, we ourselves are capable of being unkind and thoughtless as well. The other person's sin is ours too; we stand together sinners; yet in Christ, forgiven. By using this word friend, and letting its truth soak into our deepest consciousness, it becomes easier to picture our arms reaching out towards the person we clashed with.

Angela Ashwin wrote that we have to adopt a short word or a "word friend' which can become our companion during the day which we can repeat saying to ourselves. Using this word or phrase enable us to be with God in a deeper level.

Therefore, for today my "word friend" is FORGIVEN.

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