Monday, November 14, 2005

A Lucky Bracelet

This is my colleague Elizabeth taken when she was demonstrating to us how to make moon cakes.

Two weeks ago she went on vacation to Genting in Malaysia with her husband and kids. When she went back, she brought pendants and bracelets. She asked us to choose one item, either bracelet or pendant.

I chose this bracelet. It was described as a lucky bracelet because of the crystals. For me to be lucky as written in the instruction which was in Chinese characters but translated to me by Elizabeth, I need to wash the bracelet with warm water so as to wash away the negative elements. Then I have to place it inside the freezer for five hours. After that, I have to dry it with clean cloth. Once I wear it, the positive aura in me will come out and spread towards the people around me that they will like me and I will be lucky in many things. Of course I did everything as per instruction.

And now, I am still wearing it. I am waiting for Lady Luck to come. Who knows, one of these days, I'll win the lottery or toto here in Singapore.

Kidding aside, I like this bracelet of mine. That is why I am wearing it. I like the colour green, cream and dark green crystals.


kiwipinay said...

they way i see it thru your posts, your positive aura is always shining, so i don't think you need those charms. ;) but as you said, the bracelet is nice, wala na bang kapatid yan? ehehehe...

eh di pala, marunong ka ng gumawa ng moon cake? peyborit ko yan eh. patikim naman... :D

kayli said...

ayy,my dear kiwiP, thanks sa visit.
marunong na nga akong mag gawa ng mooncake. masarap sya. depende sa tumikim.LOL!
and the bracelet, sayang di sya tulad ni K&D ko, di sya twins.
but i'll try to look for one next Tuesday, I'll go on coach trip sa KL.

kiwipinay said...

uy! ang gara! marunong ka ng gumawa ng mooncake. pagnakarating ko dyan, ipag-gawa mo ako ha? gusto ko yung maraming seeds and nuts. hhmmm... yummy!!!

wow!! KL? sarap naman. :D ingat ha?