Saturday, November 19, 2005

An Answer I Regret

I was once asked how my born country's prominent schools' graduates are viewed in my country of residence. In good faith, I answered the truth on how local people look on us, on our level of education.

After nights of denial that there was nothing wrong with my answer, I could say now that I should have not answered that question. I should have answered that she must come and see for herself how. Or I should have added that it was that way, but then after you have proven your worth, they will look highly of you. Even though I highlighted on my answer that they view us that way but then one's personality counts the most for me, would still put me in a bad light.

Why I did not added that it took me much effort and pain to show the good side of the Philippines? And that in my own ways I was able to change their mindset?

I am not perfect really. I'm not....

Why I am writing this only now? For I am sure that if somebody will show me my own answer to that question, I will also say "yabang naman nyan!!!"

Forgive me, forgive me folks!!!

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kayli said...

For those who misunderstood this, I want to make it clear that I got positive feeling for the person who asked me the question. It was with myself that I felt negative for my daughter corrected me that I should have not answered that way.She make it clear to me that my answer was so mayabang ang dating.
So if you interpreted this as a negative implication of that person, my apology.