Saturday, November 26, 2005

Call Me Elizabeth

Over there in Borders in KL, I bought two books. One of those is this book by Dawn Annandale titled Call Me Elizabeth, wife, mother, escort, a true story.

"Insourmountable debts. A marriage on the verge of meltdown. Children going without the bare essentials. And no family to turn to for help. In these circumstances, Dawn Annandale answered the job advertisement that would change her life." This caught my eye that made me decide to buy the book.

Is it worth it? Depends on how you look at life and how you understand women and mothers.

The author wrote in a way that seems to ask the readers to understand her situation and look at prostitution in a positive way. Yes, she had difficult situations and rationalized her "career" for the love of her children. Who am I to judge if a thing done was made out of love for children? But then prostitution is still a sin. We should consider our body as sacred for it is a sacred creation of God. Between God's wish and love for children, which one is more dominant? Ahhh, this is painful. I don't know.... But for sure, I will look on other ways how to express my love to my children. Material things, whether necessities in life, is secondary for me.

Sorry, I have decided. Prostitution, even though done for the holiest of motives, is not an acceptable answer to life's problems. As said by me, a wife, a mother, a grandmother all rolled into one.

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